Friday, 16 October 2009

This is the blog of PKR Communications - a marketing consultancy based in Radlett, Hertfordshire which is just in the outskirts of London. This is the first post, so welcome to you all.

I'll start off at the beginning.

I'm just about to finish a Post-Graduate diploma in marketing and even though I've been working in the sales and marketing sector for many years, it's always refreshing, and interesting to link back to academic work and see how it applies to real life.

Most people think marketing is all about just the fancy promotional campaigns, wacky tshirts and updating websites. It's understable why because that's all most people will experience. For example, the huge global brands like Coca-Cola and their unbelievably expensive advertising campaigns that they'll run across TV, radio, press and online and the millions of pounds companies will spend on the sponsorship of sports events.

So what is it then? Well, marketing is lots of things but in its simplest form, it is the area of business, or any organisation for that matter, that will focus itself on the customer (i.e the market). It's about customer insight, spotting trends, picking products that will sell based on market needs - and of course retaining and winning customers through communications such as advertising. The management side is all about implementation, leadership and delivering projects on time and on budget and growing shareholder value.

What amazes me, still, is that many of the businesses I have worked in, have never had a complete grasp on what their customers needs or wants were. The only one that really "got it" was which became an absolute money machine. It wasn't much liked basically because people generally hate estate agents (me too in fact! ha ha!) but it gave its clients what they wanted: the best way to ensure they sold their property - at the best price. That was it. The clients came in their droves, and the buyers too.

After a few years in sales selling things to people that by and large they didn't actually want - or didn't deliver what they wanted (I'm quite good at selling and it's not a whinge that no would buy because they did) - I've decided to scrap working for people who won't listen or learn and go off and work for myself and help businesses grow through building lasting, profitable relationships with their customers.

Look at Tesco and ask yourself how have they grown so large - and so profitable? It's because they meet the needs of their customers and do it with such scale and efficiency that they become hugely profitable.

This is what we're hoping we can do for you!! Well, we can help you on the path to marketing enlightenment at least.

Thanks for reading, and more to come soon.

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